Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Out of Worldly Thoughts

This particular incident has happened quite a few times before but in intervals and at 
different times of the day, sometimes dreamlike, vision, flashback from another time or dimension.  I shudder like a cold chill just overcame me, and a flash of memory in my head.  The thought is: I wake up on a comfortable twin bed amongst my friends.  They say stuff like how was the journey this time, did you learn anything new. One even says “You’ve been doing that a lot lately, and sometimes it seems you stay so long, what is it you’re trying to learn or do?” My reply, “I almost have it, it’s right there”, or “she is just so stubborn.” Then I hear, “well she is you.” After that I come to, but sit there and wonder what that’s all about. I feel as if this reality is only but one of many, but for some reason I have a glimpse of one of them. A reality where my other self has control of where she travels through a dimension and how long she stays.  I wonder though why she keeps coming back here and what is it that she is trying to do, what is she so close to accomplishing.  Part of me thinks that I do have an amazing destiny with my spirituality but am just a smidgen of the mark.  I can’t seem to get on the path and stay there.  She is trying her best to help me.  Around the first time I started “seeing” these images she seemed so far away from her goal, the more I see the closer she seems to be getting to her goal.  I still wonder what it is she is trying to tell me.  It seems she always knows when she is here and when she is back home, I only know when she has left.  I don’t know if she becomes me or is just part of me.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life Path Number...

Your Life Path Number: 2

Life Path Number 2: The Peacemaker

Life Path Number 2 enters this world striving to create harmony. You have a deeply spiritual quality that gives you an uncanny understanding of the emotions and dynamics of the people around you. While this is a wonderful talent to have, it can often leave you feeling depleted and exhausted, so it is important for your own mental and spiritual health to rid yourself of any negative people in your environment, even if they your family or close friends.

Your spiritual side may feel overwhelming to you at times. This is understandable as you simply feel so much more deeply than many others. Try not to fight this part of yourself, as your strength springs from it. Instead, embrace it: when you allow your extraordinary empathy full rein, you are a visionary who can see directly into people's souls - and help them to heal.

Life Path Number 2 folk are often intrigued by the mystical side of life. You of all people intuit that there is really no such thing as black and white in the world and you are drawn to the many nuances and shades of grey. Whether this takes the form of studying the supernatural or developing a revolutionary new software interface, that intuitive side of you will be the source of the desire to better understand, and improve on, the things you are presented with in your everyday life.

Because you are so easily able to see not just two, but all sides of an argument, you may be accused of chronic indecisiveness. This can be solved by being a little more selfish. Although this may sound strange to other people, Life Path Number 2 people will probably understand that they often put their own needs and desires behind other people's - all in the interests of harmony. By teaching yourself to recognize your own needs first, and weighting them more heavily than others' needs, you will be better equipped to make firmer decisions.

The upside of this ability is your talent for mediation. You are probably the person that all of your friends go to when there is an argument to be solved, or you may even include mediation in your professional life. The strong intuition that comes so naturally to you is the fastest and easiest way to achieving successful outcomes to any negotiation.

Friday, May 21, 2010

To Be One of the Dark

To be one of the dark does not limit me to one kind of thinking. In fact I can think on more than one level.

To have good you have to have evil.

To have light you have to have dark.

To have white you have to have black.

Okay, obviously you have to have one to have the other. One can not exist without the other. Time, history, religion, politics have all said the same thing. So if one person knows the difference why condem them for what they know to be true.

Really, does it have to be a majority thing to make it right, that if only a few people believe it it makes it wrong?


Think about it: You think it's wrong for one to think a certain way, well what if they think the same way, that you're wrong? Who's right then? Answer that.

Truly, stand back and think of what you are saying. For once put yourself in the others shoes, so to speak.

One person is NOT absolutely correct. One person is NOT absolutely wrong.

I can see this: Everyone walks their own path. Why is it sooooo hard to let someone believe the way they do.

In my mind it's " If you believe strongly enough in something, then it is."

Whether you believe the same as me or not. I believe what someone believes is their own reality.

Let it go, really.

Not All Needs to be Revealed.

Not all needs to be revealed....

Current mood: calm

Category: Life

"I hate being ignorant. For me a question unanswered is like a thorn in my side that pains me every time I move until I can pluck it out."

"You have my sympahy."

"Why is that?"

"Because if that is so, you must spend every waking hour in mortal agony, for life is full of unanswerable questions."

Angela trying to school Eragon on life in Brisingr by Christopher Paolini.

In my opinion, we are not suppose to know everything. If we did then what is there to look forward new goal to be imagination needed. Life would be dull. No diversity, no group efforts, no need to talk to anyone really.

There are things we need to know, things we search for. Our journey in life.

Some things are meant to be known by all and some things are meant for anyone.

Keep life real, full of wonder and miracles.

Leave something to believe in.

To Notice or Disregard....your call.....

To notice or disregard.....your call.....

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Category: Life

"He or she who is intelligent can learn from my predictions that it is possible to discover the correct path to take, as if there were footprints in the sand from those who have gone before. Study the history of previous cultures, the ancient ones who have provided witness to inner silence, beauty, light and benediction. Do not follow the ways of the future cultures who only will wish to pass on weapons of destruction more horrible with every generation. Such people have become slaves of their own fears alone." Nostradamus

So far his predictions have proven do we keep believing them or just look at him like he's some "nut-case" from the past? He speaks of 2010 and the evermounting 2012.......He has been right thus far....why challenge his claims now?

I believe 2012 will be a new generation.....absolutely new outlook on life and the way we live it....

Do you fear the unknown or do you embrace it?

I myself embrace which I do not know.....I want to learn and grow in the knowledge of those who came before me and had a knowledge of a time where the "enlightened ones" where "allowed" to speak with the universe and not looked down apon........

Her Minds Library

Her Minds Library

Current mood: determined

Category: Religion and Philosophy

She walks down a long spiral staircase.

The smell is musty and of old parchment.

The sound is pages being turned, books taken down or being put away.

The sight is of a medevil stone, dark colors with hints of brighter ones and bookshelves and desks of tough and reliable wood, ink bottles with quills in them and parchement waiting to be written on.

She gets to the bottom and sees a woman who is very happy to see her again; it has been way to long.

They embrace.

She is looking at herself as medevil fair lady.Longer hair flowing, blood red dress that any one of nobility would wear. This is her inner self.

They talk for a long time, getting reaccuainted. It has been to long since they talked and actually worked together.

It looks like a hurricane has been through this room. So many thoughts gone astray, so many new things learned and not put away.

Too much self doubt and always wondering what to do, wondering what it is she is doing so wrong.

She let it go, this majestic library that is one of the most powereful rooms in this realm of mind.

She gave up, lost her way, lost herself; or so she thought. Herself has always been there and will always be there, waiting for her to recoginize it and realize all she has to do is look inside to find what she thought she has lost.

She helps clean and organize.

Not to long after she bids farewell.

She wants to stay longer but self doubt is still lingering.

She promises to be back and work on what is bothering her so much.

The fair lady knows she'll be back, but hopes it doesn't take as long to return home.

He's Just Not That Into You.....

He's Just Not that Into You

Current mood: flirty

Category: Romance and Relationships

"I had this guy leave me a voicemail at work, so I called him at home. Then he emailed my Black Berry, and so I texted to his cell. Then he emailed me to my home account and the whole thing just got out of control."

"Miss the days where you had one phone number and one answering machine. And that one answering machine housed one cassette tape. And that one cassette tape either had a message from the guy or it didn't."

"And now you have to go around checking all these portals.....Just to get rejected by seven different technologies. It's exhausting."

It gets pretty harsh when you keep getting rejected by soooo many technologies, and as she said, exhausting. Hard not to give up really but....

"Maybe this is the happy ending; knowing that through all the unreturned calls and broken hearts......through the blunders and misread signals......through all the pain and never, ever gave up hope."