Friday, May 21, 2010

Her Minds Library

Her Minds Library

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Category: Religion and Philosophy

She walks down a long spiral staircase.

The smell is musty and of old parchment.

The sound is pages being turned, books taken down or being put away.

The sight is of a medevil stone, dark colors with hints of brighter ones and bookshelves and desks of tough and reliable wood, ink bottles with quills in them and parchement waiting to be written on.

She gets to the bottom and sees a woman who is very happy to see her again; it has been way to long.

They embrace.

She is looking at herself as medevil fair lady.Longer hair flowing, blood red dress that any one of nobility would wear. This is her inner self.

They talk for a long time, getting reaccuainted. It has been to long since they talked and actually worked together.

It looks like a hurricane has been through this room. So many thoughts gone astray, so many new things learned and not put away.

Too much self doubt and always wondering what to do, wondering what it is she is doing so wrong.

She let it go, this majestic library that is one of the most powereful rooms in this realm of mind.

She gave up, lost her way, lost herself; or so she thought. Herself has always been there and will always be there, waiting for her to recoginize it and realize all she has to do is look inside to find what she thought she has lost.

She helps clean and organize.

Not to long after she bids farewell.

She wants to stay longer but self doubt is still lingering.

She promises to be back and work on what is bothering her so much.

The fair lady knows she'll be back, but hopes it doesn't take as long to return home.

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