Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life Path Number...

Your Life Path Number: 2

Life Path Number 2: The Peacemaker

Life Path Number 2 enters this world striving to create harmony. You have a deeply spiritual quality that gives you an uncanny understanding of the emotions and dynamics of the people around you. While this is a wonderful talent to have, it can often leave you feeling depleted and exhausted, so it is important for your own mental and spiritual health to rid yourself of any negative people in your environment, even if they your family or close friends.

Your spiritual side may feel overwhelming to you at times. This is understandable as you simply feel so much more deeply than many others. Try not to fight this part of yourself, as your strength springs from it. Instead, embrace it: when you allow your extraordinary empathy full rein, you are a visionary who can see directly into people's souls - and help them to heal.

Life Path Number 2 folk are often intrigued by the mystical side of life. You of all people intuit that there is really no such thing as black and white in the world and you are drawn to the many nuances and shades of grey. Whether this takes the form of studying the supernatural or developing a revolutionary new software interface, that intuitive side of you will be the source of the desire to better understand, and improve on, the things you are presented with in your everyday life.

Because you are so easily able to see not just two, but all sides of an argument, you may be accused of chronic indecisiveness. This can be solved by being a little more selfish. Although this may sound strange to other people, Life Path Number 2 people will probably understand that they often put their own needs and desires behind other people's - all in the interests of harmony. By teaching yourself to recognize your own needs first, and weighting them more heavily than others' needs, you will be better equipped to make firmer decisions.

The upside of this ability is your talent for mediation. You are probably the person that all of your friends go to when there is an argument to be solved, or you may even include mediation in your professional life. The strong intuition that comes so naturally to you is the fastest and easiest way to achieving successful outcomes to any negotiation.

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