Friday, May 21, 2010

One More Time....

She always says, " I'll try just one more time and that's it. I can't do this anymore."

He comes into her life, the sweet words flow from his lips, the praise floats to her like wings on a dove. The promises come and get excepted so easily.
She doesn't want to blame him for others mistakes or not give him a chance because he might be different.
She listens with every ounce of her being and believes him.

Believes him......

Then the red flags start going up everytime she looked up or turned the corner.
She is still determined to hold on to a smaller glimmer of hope.
Then it happens......
Then it happens, the glass shatters, sending shards through her skin to pierce her heart.

He dumps her because she gets mad at him, mad that they've been talking two months he tells everyone she's his girlfriend, he jumps her for what she does and doesn't put on her profile BUT never met her in person, kept standing her up. Trashes her to anyone and everyone.
She never retaliated, still he trashes her, tells everyone how she is a fake and worthless.
She finally says something.

FINALLY it stops,

She decided to give up once and for all. Tired of the hurt and pain and let downs.
She still dreams of a day she can be with someone with real love and true intentions. Best of all takes her for what she is: a one man woman, with a heart, soul, feelings, and a brain. Who is here for more than just one thing and is WORTH MORE than one thing.

She goes on with her life.

Then one day someone walks into her life.

She starts to think............

"One More Time."

Bridget Renee

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