Friday, May 21, 2010

To Be One of the Dark

To be one of the dark does not limit me to one kind of thinking. In fact I can think on more than one level.

To have good you have to have evil.

To have light you have to have dark.

To have white you have to have black.

Okay, obviously you have to have one to have the other. One can not exist without the other. Time, history, religion, politics have all said the same thing. So if one person knows the difference why condem them for what they know to be true.

Really, does it have to be a majority thing to make it right, that if only a few people believe it it makes it wrong?


Think about it: You think it's wrong for one to think a certain way, well what if they think the same way, that you're wrong? Who's right then? Answer that.

Truly, stand back and think of what you are saying. For once put yourself in the others shoes, so to speak.

One person is NOT absolutely correct. One person is NOT absolutely wrong.

I can see this: Everyone walks their own path. Why is it sooooo hard to let someone believe the way they do.

In my mind it's " If you believe strongly enough in something, then it is."

Whether you believe the same as me or not. I believe what someone believes is their own reality.

Let it go, really.

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