Thursday, May 13, 2010

To Those Who Are

To Those Who Are

To those who are beware..... beware if you do not know anything about it.

Ones who have just come into it can be overantilizistic about it. That is the last thing you want to do. Somehow someway you need to learn how to let it fill you and then just let it "Flow" from within you.

If you are so overtaken by this new mystery and trying to hard to figure it out you can actually cause a switch to make your mind go insane. A switch that you can turn on but you cant trun it off. Isnt that something, a switch you can turn on but cannot turn off. If it is to be turned off you will need help but then it is not a guarantee that it will be turned off. Some thoughts and emotions will hold on so tight that it is as if the switch were made like that in the "off" position never meant to be turned on.

People will try to help but as in most cases you have to be honestly willing to listen to them heed their warnings and take their advice and actually walk the words.

Some who just come into it, well they instanly think they know more than they really do. They think they understand everything about it yet in reality they know nothing at all. It is something they have always heard about and never really believed and if they did were to afraid to admit it and they didnt have that knowledge they needed to grow with it. Not for it to grow with you but for you to grow with it. Some in their minds think they know all and how it works and that just gets them in more trouble than they know. Thankfully there are those who can help if you have not got to far in your own minds own realm. One that does not exsist to anyone else but you, that is ok for a time but to actually dwell there is nothing short of a cursed life in which there may be no return. There are those of our group that can go into your mind and switch some wires around but without crossing them. They do it not out of hatered and vengince but out of love and caring, to help you in your darkest hour of need from your own worst enemy; yourself.

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