Thursday, May 13, 2010

To Those

To Those...
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Have you ever been in control of everything yet nothing at all?

In a setting of surreality that is exactly what you experiance. Total control and the loss of which you had such a tight grasp on. The feeling of knowing where you are yet being afraid because you dont recoginize your surroundings. Something is trying to keep you calm yet aware of what it is about to share with you in a very special connection. Which in the reality of it your energy has decided to take lets say a trip. Instead of harnassing in your body and imite from within it decides to leave your physky and surround you. In that special moment it is trying to help you. Help you not lose this control you actually have that you feel you have already lost. It though is also a warning. A warning that is letting you know who is trying to take it. Not always can we see that which haunts us.

For some they are open from the beginning. Others hide it and deny it, so without that training you have yet to catch up to the rest of you. You know, gut feelings, anxiety, a slight shake, the feeling know something is going to happen or already did but what. Unfortunately not all learn and some will never know. At the same time not everyone needs to know. In the wrong hands it could be disastarous. Also we couldn't all exist in the same diminsion. There have to be those who watch over and the ones who need to be watched, those that really want to be. Have to keep it interesting and going in cycle.

Yet not a perfect circle. A circle that has many curves, twists, turns and all jumbled up, but one that never ends. The circle can be stretched to be perfect but none of us have that power and can never obtain or contain it. A power that gives us the job of watchers.

As a watcher you are privilaged to have such a title. Never fear though, everything still does not rest all on your shoulders. In fact even as a watcher you may need someone to watch over you. Sometimes you fall from grace and need someone to carry you back up.

Keep always the serenity yet chaos of the watchers oath... None other than " The Old Code". Dont think it is for knights only and in bedtime stories. It is really out there.

As with cliques watchers have their own group. Spread out yet always connected. Sometimes that connection is hibernating but always there.

Within the group each have a way to set off the others gift. One may be in tune at all times while one can only truly be connected while with another watcher in close range. To communicate it, some can come right out and talk about it, and some have to write about it. For some reason the words wont come out of their mouth but can flow so easily from their fingertips. As long as there is communication, that is what counts.

Sometimes though too many get together and it becomes a game of who is doing what and why. That can be mind breaking to the point of insanity. Times like that you need your own group, stick together so they can keep your soul going while your mind is being tested. You can pull through it with enough faith and will power, but also with the power of your watchers.

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