Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Out of Worldly Thoughts

This particular incident has happened quite a few times before but in intervals and at 
different times of the day, sometimes dreamlike, vision, flashback from another time or dimension.  I shudder like a cold chill just overcame me, and a flash of memory in my head.  The thought is: I wake up on a comfortable twin bed amongst my friends.  They say stuff like how was the journey this time, did you learn anything new. One even says “You’ve been doing that a lot lately, and sometimes it seems you stay so long, what is it you’re trying to learn or do?” My reply, “I almost have it, it’s right there”, or “she is just so stubborn.” Then I hear, “well she is you.” After that I come to, but sit there and wonder what that’s all about. I feel as if this reality is only but one of many, but for some reason I have a glimpse of one of them. A reality where my other self has control of where she travels through a dimension and how long she stays.  I wonder though why she keeps coming back here and what is it that she is trying to do, what is she so close to accomplishing.  Part of me thinks that I do have an amazing destiny with my spirituality but am just a smidgen of the mark.  I can’t seem to get on the path and stay there.  She is trying her best to help me.  Around the first time I started “seeing” these images she seemed so far away from her goal, the more I see the closer she seems to be getting to her goal.  I still wonder what it is she is trying to tell me.  It seems she always knows when she is here and when she is back home, I only know when she has left.  I don’t know if she becomes me or is just part of me.

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